National Shows

2017 National Show

The 2017 N.D.A.A. National Show was be held in Canberra, A.C.T on 16 Sept 2017.

Grand Champion R. Slarke
Miss Rhiannon 3W-YO

Grand Champion Sdlg 14/10 (Davis)

2015 National Show

The 2015 N.D.A.A. National Show was held in Leongatha, Victoria.

Grand Champion A,G & S Davis
Sdlg 14/10 (Davis) 2W-W

Grand Champion 'Windy City' Ian Dyson

2013 National Show

The 2013 N.D.A.A. National Show was held in Canberra, A.C.T.

Grand Champion I&J Dyson
Windy City 1W-Y

Grand Champion Royce Howe

2010 National Show

The 2010 N.D.A.A. National Show was held in Launceston, Tasmania.

Grand Champion Royce Howe
Sdlg (Howe) 2W-W

Grand Champion 'Canoodle' D&R Jackson

2008 National Show

The 2008 N.D.A.A. National Show was held in Leongatha, Victoria.

Grand Champion D&R Jackson
Canoodle 2Y-O


Narcissus Hybridisation

by Tony Davis

Daffodil hybridisation has been taking place at a great pace for more than a century. Men of the cloth such as Rev. George Englehart were quite prolific in the late 1800s and early 1900s and many of the modern hybrids can be shown to be direct descendants of those early efforts. With about 30,000 named hybrids registered on the official register it seems fair to ask why we are still happily pressing ahead in this area. To put it in context, there have been many significant changes in the daffodil world.

Getting the Best Flowers

by Graeme Davis

At this stage of the year your daffodils will be in the ground and growing well. You wait expectantly for the flowers that spring will bring. The question now is how do you get the best flowers you can from your bulbs and, if you are going to pick (or show) them, when and how to pick them for best results.